In the second part, Namrata Hasija explains the current dynamics of India-Taiwan relations and explores the potential for further growth in them.

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Logos of Foxconn, China Steel, Acer and HTC. Sources:,, Hindu BusinessLine,
No lockdown in Taiwan. Source: NPR Staff, “With Odds Against It, Taiwan Keeps Coronavirus Corralled”. 13 March 2020.
NDU, Taiwan. Source:
India-Taiwan Educational Engagement. Source: Namrata Hasija.

Gauri Noolkar-Oak

Gauri Noolkar-Oak is a transboundary water conflicts researcher and has studied river basins in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. She is also the Founder of Lokmaanya.

Namrata Hasija

Namrata Hasija is a Research Associate at the Delhi-based Centre for China Analysis and Strategy and an expert on India-Taiwan relations and Chinese foreign policy.

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