Our Services

Lokmaanya is so much more than just a media platform. It is a growth story of India and its neighbourhood. To be a part of it there are several ways in which you can collaborate with us. We offer young writer’s program for enthusiastic new writers who wish to learn the art and science of writing. For organizations such as NGOs, Think Tanks, Educational Institutes and for individual researchers and intellectuals we provide social media management and analytics services.

Some of our services are as below:

Social Media & Analytics Management:

We have all heard the saying that Data is the new Oil, but what does it really mean for your organisation? Every organization collects a large amount of digital data through its interaction with its donors, investors, clients and other stake holders. However, this data collection does not play a significant role in the leadership’s decision-making.

We help you realize the true potential of your organization to take this data and convert it into meaningful insights that will help you take data driven decisions and refine your communication and marketing. Click to know how we actually do it.

Communications Training and Capacity Building:

The New Normal is here to stay and along with other things communications within your organisation has to adapt with it. Lokmaanya is a content driven platform and we have a team of authors, journalists and communication experts who can train your team in the ways and means of conventional and unconventional modes of communication. Click to know more about our training modules

Advertise with us:

We produce authentic and interesting content on a variety of subjects from politics to sports and economy to entertainment. This helps us reach a diverse audience on a regular basis. In a short period of time we have been able to reach people all over the country and beyond. Our reader base is also demographically diverse and within a range of 18-60. If you wish to support our growth story, we would like to offer you advertising spaces on our platform.

We sell the advertising spaces on our platform at an extremely competitive rate and we make sure that we offer customized deals to our patrons. We also collaborate with several of our partner organizations to produce great events that attract a substantial crowd even when the event is online. We have an audited database of thousands of Lokmaanya’s subscribers and readers who get newsletters and event notifications. As an advertiser/sponsor you will reach these readers frequently by advertising with us or by sponsoring our events. For more information connect with us at contact@lokmaanya.com

Story telling Services

At our core we are story tellers and India has always been about stories. Every entity be it a large organization or a tight knit family has a story to tell. Often these stories get lost with time. We at Lokmaanya recognize the need to preserve these stories and have created this unique service of chronicling your stories in a digital format.

If your institution, community or your family has a story that needs to be compiled and told in an interesting format then we can come together to create it for you. To know more about our story telling services connect with us at contact@lokmaanya.com

Support our initiative:

Lokmaanya was founded by a team that is inspired by the fearless, inclusive and patriotic writings of legendary freedom fighter and the father of Indian conscious Lokmaanya Bal Gangadahr Tilak. His fearless writings and his ability to take along every section of the society in celebrating the Indianness inspires us to run this platform. His vision of India was not limited by today’s geographical boundaries and he was truly a leader of India and its neighbourhood.

Lokmaanya aims to revive this Indianness in the subconscious of the new-age Indian. We try to further this goal each day by reaching the farthest corners of India’s neighbourhood and pull out authentic voices and unique stories. If you wish to support us in our efforts of bringing these stories to light you can contribute to our effort through a small gesture. We thank you for your generosity and are always eager to hear your suggestions and feedbacks. India is more than just its people and its land it is an Idea and your contribution will go in strengthening that idea in the minds of young Indians.